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Alexander Loan Review & Consulting focuses our services on three fundamental areas of loan portfolio quality: credit administration, loan portfolio management and continuing education.

Credit Administration

The credit process is crucial to creating and growing a healthy loan portfolio. The efficiency and integrity of the credit process, from the point of the customer inquiry to the creation of the final loan documents, directly impacts loan portfolio quality. Alexander Loan Review & Consulting works to strengthen our clients' ability to improve loan quality by evaluating and identifying opportunities for improvement in those "front end" processes.
  • Credit Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Loan Structuring
  • Loan Documentation
  • Credit Policy Development & Administration
  • Credit Department Management
  • Lending Personnel Evaluations

Loan Portfolio Management

The continuing quality or "health" of a loan portfolio is heavily dependent on "back room" processes. This important aspect of quality management may be overlooked as financial institutions focus on bottom line goals and objectives. Alexander Loan Review & Consulting assists our clients in monitoring loan portfolio quality by evaluating existing operations and establishing in-house loan review procedures. Additionally, we offer expert outside loan review services to enable our clients to be prepared for the rigors of state and federal regulatory examinations.
  • Loan Covenant Monitoring
  • Annual Reviews
  • Watch List Procedures
  • Problem Loan Administration
  • Industry Concentrations
  • Portfolio Stress Testing
  • Loan Portfolio Quality Reviews

Continuing Education

The climate of lending is ever-changing. Economic forces and shifts in regulatory requirements make it difficult for even the most effective credit and loan portfolio processes to keep pace. Alexander Loan Review and Consulting support our clients efforts to adapt to change by offering a broad spectrum of education opportunities. More importantly, we have the ability to tailor the training to the individual needs of our clients.
  • Credit Analysis
  • Tax Return Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Commercial Lending
  • Structuring Commercial Loans
  • Commercial Loan Documentation
  • Credit Department Administration
  • Loan Review
  • Problem Loan Administration
Alexander Loan Review & Consulting is committed to helping West Virginia banks continue to offer quality service to their community while maximizing value to their shareholders.

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